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Construction Materials and Services

APAC Southern Missouri is Springfield’s leading local distributor for concrete, asphalt, and aggregate materials such as sand and stone. Our team is committed to consistency and delivering award-winning quality materials and services.


APAC Southern Missouri is a proud partner of CRH Americas Materials, the largest asphalt producer in the United States. Every year, we produce 44 million tons of asphalt at more than 400 facilities. Many of our asphalt facilities are located within one of our aggregates sites to provide our customers with a wide range of mix options and cost-effective solutions. APAC Southern Missouri takes pride in our state-of-the-art facilities. A quality control lab is maintained at each facility to ensure the highest quality asphalt mix through a rigorous product and raw material testing program. In fact, our Tulsa laboratory is AMRL (AASTHO Materials Reference Laboratory) accredited. All of our asphalt plant facilities have earned NAPAs Diamond Achievement and Diamond Quality Awards, which recognize excellence in quality products, plant operations, and community relations. Our team is also constantly searching for ways to lessen our environmental impact. Several of our facilities have been awarded NAPAs Ecological Award for the environmental friendliness of their operations.


For over 100 years, APAC Southern Missouri has been paving and maintaining the roads you drive on, putting up bridges, and installing the utilities needed for modern living. We offer a full-range of construction services including base, grading, drainage, and minor structure concrete. As is the case with everything we do, you can expect the utmost attention to detail and quality in our construction. Further, safety is always top priority on our sites. With our employee-driven safety culture we strive for zero incidents throughout every project.


We’ve got the cutback asphalt, or road oil, to fit whatever your project calls for. Whether you need slow-curing, medium-curing, or rapid curing road cutback asphalt, we’ve got reserves full of road oil for you!


As part of the second largest aggregate production network in North America, APAC Southern Missouri is able to offer an incredible range of aggregate materials. However, quality is just as important as quantity when it comes to our sand and stone. Our Quality Control Group is staffed by experienced, well-trained personnel. Many of which hold a number of laboratory training certifications from ACI Concrete Field Testing - Grade 1 to state transportation agency certifications in soils, asphalt and aggregates. No matter what job you bring to us we’ll deliver unrivaled quality aggregate and customer service.


Our network of concrete production facilities are the second largest in North America. As such, a fleet of our concrete mixer trucks shouldn’t be too far from your site. Couple that with our industry-leading customer service and you’ve got an efficient and accurate delivery of quality concrete on-site and on-time.